Bengali Rosogulla Recipe – A best recipe out of waste milk

Bengali Rosogulla Recipe


Good day Mates,

Welcome to my weblog. In India, we’re celebrating many festivals like Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami. We have fun at each competition with love. We do have as many recipes for each competition. We make lots of dishes at festivals, some spices, some bitter, and a few sweets. So, right now we are going to make Bengal’s no.1 candy Rasgulla(Rosogulla). They’re very scrumptious and mouth-watering. It is rather simple to make, and the fundamental components are used milk and lemon, and for those who observe the recipe very strictly you’ll make it excellent, and completely spongy. So, let’s get began.

Elements of Rosogulla :


  • Milk: 1 Liter
  • Lemon: 1
  • Sugar: 1-1/2 cup
  • Water: 2-1/2 cups
To begin with, take 1-liter milk for boiling it into the pan. As quickly because the milk has boiled, change off the flames and let it cool idly 2 to three minutes. Now we are going to add 1 lemon juice and stir it with the milk, the milk will begin to curdle. The milk will cut up into water and paneer. Now it is time to filter the paneer with muslin fabric. Now we’ll squeeze all of the water out after which we’ve to scrub it with chilly water in order that the lemon fades and it cools down a bit. Preserve it apart for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes we are going to open it and crumble it. Now we’ve to mash it within the mixie and knead it correctly. If you need an excellent sponge, then hand kneading is essential,

In the meantime, take a strain cooker, add 2 and a half cups of water, add 1/2 cup of sugar and let it boil. We’ve got so as to add solely half a cup of sugar at this stage so it stays mild and in order that the sponge is achieved. Now knead it for 4 to five minutes on a plate. in order that the sponge is flawless and it is completely netty and we’ve to make the paneer balls. You may see now the sugared syrup water has began boiling, now we are going to add the balls into it.

Now we are going to strain prepare dinner it for five minutes and put it on a low flame for five minutes earlier than it whistles after which change the flames off. So now we’ve to show off the flame and maintain the Rasgulla(Rosogulla)’s idle to chill all the way down to room temperature. Preserve the Rasgulla’s into the cooker in order that the sponge is maintained. If we get impatient and open it, or maintain it in chilly water to hurry up the cooling course, guidelines of Schrodinger’s cat apply, and also you most likely will not get the sponge you want.

The Rasgullas will get temperature assault, and will not be spongy. When the cooker is at regular temperature then we are going to take the Rasgullas out, after which we are going to add the 1 cup of sugar to the water, and once more we are going to put the Rasgullas into the sugar syrup. The Rasgullas are prepared now.




Take pleasure in your recipe of Bengali Rosogulla.


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